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Congressman Who Was Carjacked Endorses Candidate Ebony Payne for DC Council

Jan 10, 2024

Congressman Who Was Carjacked Endorses Candidate Ebony Payne for DC Council...

Washington, D.C.— Candidate for Ward 7 D.C. Council, Ebony Payne, announced that she has been endorsed by Congressman Henry Cuellar who was a victim of a carjacking incident in the District last year.

“Crime in the District of Columbia is rampant- we need local politicians to stand up and keep this city safe,” said Congressman Cuellar. “That is why I’m endorsing Ebony Payne, who will help solve the crime epidemic and give a voice to the many D.C. residents who have had enough. Ebony is a fighter for working families and has my full support.”

"I am grateful for Representative Cuellar’s endorsement and support for our campaign," said Payne. “As someone who has experienced a carjacking first hand, he understands the importance of electing a candidate like me who will fight against crime and keep our neighborhoods safe. Together, we are committed to building a safer community, working towards not just reactive measures, but proactive initiatives that address the underlying issues contributing to crime and foster a sense of security for all residents.”

A dedicated community leader, third-generation Washingtonian, small business owner and current ANC commissioner for the historic Ward 7 community of Kingman Park, Payne is running for D.C. City Council to represent Ward 7 to improve public safety and reduce crime, to create opportunities for young people, and to ensure equitable access to groceries and other resources residents need not just to survive but to thrive.


Ebony Payne, a native of Washington D.C., is an ANC commissioner and a board member of Friends of Kingman Park. As ANC Commissioner, Payne has focused on neighborhood safety, improving local transportation and infrastructure needs for pedestrians, bikers, and drivers, advocating for green spaces such as Kingman & Heritage Islands, and making local voices heard as the community advocates for a community led approach to the future development of RFK stadium. Motivated by recent incidents of violence in the community, she is now running for the Ward 7 City Council.


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