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I am running for Ward 7 DC Council to protect our most vulnerable citizens, create opportunities for our children and teens to thrive, and address our long-standing issue of food insecurity in Ward 7.

Prioritizing Public Safety and Solving Crime Holistically

Over the past year, our city has experienced a massive spike in violent crime, robberies, nearly 1,000 carjackings, and rampant theft, which threatens the ability of Ward 7 businesses to stay in business. Economic stability can be a powerful tool in reducing crime. We must rapidly reduce crime through a holistic approach that holds both violent and repeat offenders accountable while prioritizing funding for programs and resources that support the neighborhoods, schools, and families impacted the most by violence and poverty. 


We must strengthen community-police relations by promoting and building trust through communication and collaboration between law enforcement and all Ward 7 communities. I support efforts to recruit and develop a dedicated police force that attracts and retains high-quality candidates, especially women. 


I am committed to fully funding Safe Passage workers for schools to protect our at-risk students, address chronic truancy rates, and further efforts to support and improve upon community-led initiatives, including by Violence Interrupters and faith-based groups. By investing in mental health support as well as substance abuse prevention and treatment programs, we will address underlying issues such as addiction. 

Bringing Fresh Food and Grocery Stores to Ward 7

It is unacceptable that Ward 7 residents still do not have access to grocery stores and must venture long distances outside of their neighborhoods to access healthy food. As your councilwoman, I will bring creative solutions to fix our food desert by incentivizing local food business owners and maximizing the potential of our region's local farming community to help meet the health needs of Ward 7 communities.


I endorse the total funding of the "Give SNAP A Raise Amendment" to enhance the purchasing power of families facing financial challenges. This increase will boost consumer confidence in being able to buy groceries consistently throughout the month and will be vital in attracting and retaining large grocers in the area. 

Community-Led Development at the RFK Campus

The 190-acre RFK Campus holds great potential to create spaces for children and young adults to play and ensure their healthy growth and development. We must maximize the advantages offered by this opportunity zone for the local community. Providing our youth with opportunities to thrive and learn in a safe and constructive environment is imperative to solving youth crime. An investment in our youth is an investment in our whole city!


I am committed to transforming acres of unused parking lots into much-needed housing and spaces our whole community can enjoy, such as the Fields at RFK and Maloof Skate Park. Ward 7 needs a strong leader to advocate and ensure the potential of any future development at the RFK campus, primarily serves the community's needs, which will extend its benefits to people throughout our region.

Great Schools for All Ward 7 Families

I believe that every child of Ward 7, no matter which side of the river they live on, deserves the opportunity to attend the best schools, learn from the best teachers, and make lifelong friendships along the way. I am a product of DC public schools and know that access to a great education is necessary for a strong foundation to succeed in life.

My top priority is to first address our chronic truancy rates which are out of control and a big contributor to our youth crime crisis. A student who is truant is often in great need of intervention to get to the bottom of why they are not going to school. When children are not in class, they miss out on not just learning but also building healthy relationships with their friends. Our schools can provide all the best curriculums in the world, but it won’t make any difference if the child is not in school to learn it. 

I value listening to our teachers who have hands on experience educating our youth and supporting parents as their children navigate their own educational journeys. I have spoken to many parents who are concerned about the lack of funding and support for children with disabilities. We need to increase funding so that we have enough teachers and support staff to help these children learn.

Ward 7 also has a literacy crisis. We must be more proactive about improving literacy rates, not just for young learners but also for adults who may be functionally illiterate which greatly impacts their ability to get a job and work. We should expand our public library network to provide safe spaces of learning for everyone. 

I am an entrepreneur at my core and have always preferred to learn by doing. I am a big proponent of skills based learning and vocational training which opens up opportunities for young adults so they can start their own businesses and support themselves whether they choose to enroll in college or not. Entrepreneurship is a great tool to learn financial literacy and independence. Many students who struggle in math often find success in learning math concepts when it is presented in a more tangible way.

Finally, I see a big need to teach our students ethics and how to become civically engaged from an early age. I was a 17-year-old high school student when I testified in favor of DC’s plastic bag tax. That bag tax now funds the Anacostia Green Boats program in which you can take a kayak out in exchange for picking up trash on Kingman and Heritage Islands which I now represent as part of my single member district. I often speak to people who do not know what an ANC commissioner is and what we can do for them. Every Ward 7 student should understand the basics of civic engagement in DC so that they can be a part of creating positive change in our city. 

My Commitment to Ward 7 Seniors

Prioritize Public Safety: Increasing security around all senior housing facilities and neighborhoods while strengthening our 911 response teams to ensure all emergency calls are answered in a timely manner.


Mobility freedom: Our Seniors deserve a robust transportation network that is tailored to meet their needs and provides easy, cost-free access to all medical and pharmacy appointments. 

Community Nourishment: Our Seniors deserve a robust transportation network that is tailored to meet their needs and provides easy, cost-free access to all medical and pharmacy appointments. 

Green Thumbs, Healthy Lives: Collaborating with our educational institutions, we will cultivate community gardens for seniors, enriching lives with the joy of gardening and the benefits of home-grown produce.

Equal Investment for Ward 7: I will fight to ensure that Ward 7 receives equitable city investments, including equal budgetary funding for amenities enjoyed by other wards.

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