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As a third-generation Washingtonian, I am proud to have been born in DC and raised in Kingman Park. I serve as Secretary for Friends of Kingman Park and Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner of Kingman Park. I have a passion for people and public service. When I am not gardening or running my small business making herbal teas, I serve as a virtual English tutor to students living in conflict regions throughout the world.

I am running for Ward 7 DC Council because I, like so many of us in DC, am fed up with the exploding rates of crime, car jackings, and gun violence, especially amongst our youth. Every day, I hear from people who tell me they are afraid to go out at night, let their kids walk to school, and I have met too many people who have been victims of car jackings, and serious robberies. I am incredibly concerned about our youth who I believe were robbed of two very important years of development during the pandemic and are experiencing an acute crisis. We need to rapidly address our truancy rate and get our youth back into school, so that they are not exposed to the worst elements of society. We must create more positive and creative outlets so that our youth can channel their energy and aggression into something healthy that will benefit themselves and their communities. I am running because Ward 7 has been a food desert for far too long and we need to get serious about fixing it. We have a plethora of local farmers who are a source of untapped potential that can help us solve our longstanding issues with food access. I believe that Ward 7 can in fact have safe streets again. If we make smart choices, we will create bright futures!.

Meet Ebony

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