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Candidate Ebony Payne Raises Over $20K in Bid for Ward 7 DC Council

Dec 12, 2023

Payne Posts Impressive Fundraising Report Only 21 Days Since Launching Campaign...

Washington, D.C.— Candidate for Ward 7 D.C. Council, Ebony Payne, announced that she has raised over $20,000 from more than 450 donors since launching her campaign. Payne qualified for public financing under the District’s Fair Elections program only 8.5 hours after launching her campaign last month.

"I am deeply grateful for the overwhelming response I have received from our community," said Payne. "We have successfully raised over $20,000 in lightning time, showcasing the unwavering support of our friends and neighbors. This remarkable demonstration of grassroots enthusiasm propels us forward on our mission to bring positive change to DC. My sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed, volunteered, and joined us on this incredible journey. Together, we're making history and setting a new standard for civic engagement and community empowerment."

A dedicated community leader, third-generation Washingtonian, small business owner and current ANC commissioner for the historic Ward 7 community of Kingman Park, Payne is running for D.C. City Council to represent Ward 7 to improve public safety and reduce crime, to create opportunities for young people, and to ensure equitable access to groceries and other resources residents need not just to survive but to thrive.


Ebony Payne, a native of Washington D.C., is an ANC commissioner and a board member of Friends of Kingman Park. As ANC Commissioner, Payne has focused on neighborhood safety, improving local transportation and infrastructure needs for pedestrians, bikers, and drivers, advocating for green spaces such as Kingman & Heritage Islands, and making local voices heard as the community advocates for a community led approach to the future development of RFK stadium. Motivated by recent incidents of violence in the community, she is now running for the Ward 7 City Council.


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